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The Concept


"(SUSHI) ALL YOU CAN EAT! ONLY 9.50€" is an interdisciplinary artwork (play) that aims to bring art and its target audience together and encourages people to discuss and question art. Not a classic theatre play, but actual cross-media storytelling using various media such as video, audio, & live performances. It is a modern and innovative concept that neglects the conventional structure and process of theatre and thus creates new ways of consuming art. Additionally, it minimises the barriers to the art scene and makes it accessible for everybody. Divided into three parts, the story takes place in three different rooms that the audience is guided through, one after the other. Each of these rooms is performed by a different actor who embodies the protagonist. Some scenes are pre-recorded artistically, either as video or audio. In these scenes, all the protagonist's actors appear and play simultaneously. Within a room, the audience watches live scenes and in between pre-recorded scenes. The design of the rooms themselves follows an experimental scenographic approach. In combination with an innovative cinematographic style, this approach creates a piece which can only be consumed in the specific location and thus stimulates a discourse among the audience. This is topped with an unconscious interactivity: By using modern information technology, the audience, or rather its behaviour, becomes a crucial player who designs the plot directly, without actively knowing. Get in touch for a detailed pitch!

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