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Story & Plot

"(SUSHI) ALL YOU CAN EAT! ONLY 9.50€" features the prospective drama student Juliette Delta, who auditions at several drama schools. She performs numerous monologues, including "The Life of a Sushi", increasingly loses herself in her roles and gets into an identity crisis. At its core, the piece revolves around the perception of identities and the author’s thesis of whether all people subconsciously play different roles, depending on the environment one is surrounded by. But is this thesis true? In the course of the play, Juliette Delta realises how she can use these roles to her advantage by becoming clear about them and consciously taking them on. The artwork reflects how we want to live together in our society – and how honest we are about it. Are we sincere with each other or are we fooling each other and thus ourselves? Not only the content reflects the question of connectedness, but also the concept itself by bringing together people from different backgrounds. The interdisciplinary and cross-media concept offers a foundation for critically discussing the issues of connectedness in society by stimulating discussions in small groups of viewers. The audience is invited to question the thesis and, if necessary, correct it.

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